Press Release

First Bank Richmond, IU East and the Wayne County Foundation launch the College Now program

Written by: Susan Richwine  |  

IU East, First Bank Richmond and the Wayne County Foundation partner to provide opportunities for underserved high school students in Wayne County.

High school students across Wayne County now have the opportunity to take free college courses through a new program at Indiana University East. The program is funded by the Wayne County Foundation and First Bank Richmond.

Garry Kleer, chairman, president and CEO of First Bank Richmond, said investing in the College Now program was a clear choice. First Bank Richmond has established itself as a primary supporter of higher education in the community, providing philanthropic giving and support for the university in recognition of its role to provide an enhanced quality of life for its residents and the communities it serves.

“IU East and Wayne County schools have a vision for this program to give high school students a head start on achieving their college aspirations right here at home,” Kleer said. “The College Now program offers students the opportunity to try college in an environment built for their success. We are proud to support this program and to see where it leads to next.”

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