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4 Simple Steps to Getting an Auto Loan


1. Compare

Choose the best rate and term to fit your lifestyle.


2. Research

Know your vehicle's value. Calculate your estimated monthly payment.


3. Apply

Get pre-approved for your auto loan so you know how much you can afford.


4. Shop

Purchase your vehicle with confidence.

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-Sheri J.

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Step 1: Compare Rates and Terms

Rates shown are estimates. Give us a call to discuss your specific details or to inquire about funding for motorcycles, recreational vehicles, or watercraft loans. We also offer an additional rate discount if your payment is automatically deducted from your First Bank checking account.

Rates effective
Rates subject to change without notice.


 72 months
6.625% Rate
6.988% APR*

66 months
6.500% Rate
6.892% APR*

60 months
6.250% Rate
6.676% APR*


 66 months
7.250% Rate
7.646% APR*

60 months
7.125% Rate
7.556% APR*

48 months
6.750% Rate
7.277% APR*


 60 months
7.000% Rate
7.430% APR*

54 months
6.750% Rate
7.222% APR*

48 months
6.625% Rate
7.151% APR*


 54 months
8.190% Rate
8.671% APR*

48 months
7.990% Rate
8.525% APR*

36 months
7.840% Rate
8.536% APR*


 42 months
9.375% Rate
9.989% APR*

36 months
9.125% Rate
9.831% APR*


 24 months
10.750% Rate
11.788% APR*

18 months
10.370% Rate
11.711% APR*


*APR based on $20,000.00 loan with credit score of 751+ and normal fees ($199.00 processing fee and $45 VSI). Your actual APR will be based on your specific situation. Additional information including, but not limited to, the amount financed, term, loan-to-value,  applicant's credit score, credit history, vehicle age and mileage will be taken into consideration. Financing is subject to credit approval by First Bank Richmond. Advertised rates are subject to change without notice.


Let's talk about your vehicle goals.


Step 2: Research The Car's Value and Calculate Your Payment

Using the rates and terms as a guide, calculate your estimated monthly payment. It's helpful to remember the rate you may qualify for could be different depending on a variety of factors, including the term and your credit score. 


Step 3: Get Pre-Approved

Take out the guess-work when negotiating with the dealer. Know what you can afford to get the best deal. Schedule a meeting with one of our lenders to discuss your needs and start your application.


Step 4: Shop For Your Car

Shop with confidence, and you'll be on your way home in your new ride in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for an auto loan?

Click our "Schedule A Meeting" button or call 765.962.2581 or 800.548.8138 to set up an appointment with one of our lenders. They'll have you in and out in no time!

What do I need to bring when I apply for an auto loan?

All you need to apply for an auto loan is  a recent pay statement. We'll also need the info about the car you are purchasing from the dealer, but they often fax it over to the bank when you're ready.

Can I see my loan in online banking?

You sure can! Any First Bank loans will appear in your online banking dashboard.