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Goal Growth

Investment Management

If you're looking for professional investment management and advice, our trust officer will work with you to create a customized portfolio based on your life stage and investment goals.

Umbrella Money

Custody Services

If you would rather not tackle the clerical and accounting work that comes with self-directed investing, First Bank can help. From calculating projections to settling trades, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with having custody of your assets in one secure place. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a Trust to use your investment service?

Many of our clients choose to use the trust arrangement because of the unique advantages it offers. However, you are not required to create a trust to use our investment services. If you prefer, you can sign an Investment Advisory Agreement with First Bank Richmond which allows us to act as your investment agent to manage your investment portfolio.

Can I make the investment decisions?

You may do so if you wish. However, most of our clients look to us for objective, unbiased portfolio advice and supervision because of the time or specialized knowledge required to do all of the necessary investment homework themselves. You have the option to delegate to us as much or as little investment responsibility as you want.

What kind of investment performance should I expect?

That depends on market conditions and your specific investment objectives. Historically, the average annual return from a balanced investment program of stocks and bonds is somewhere between 8 to 10 percent. However, performance is not measured solely in percentages. What is important is how well a trust investment program meets your goals without taking more risks than what you are comfortable with. At First Bank Richmond our goal is to provide reasonably consistent returns over time. We emphasize asset allocation, the selection of quality investments and constant vigilance.