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E-ACH Service

Initiate electronic fund transfers from your computer. You can directly deposit payroll, pay bills, collect payments, and more.


ACH Templates

Create a template in online banking and store information you use on a regular basis. Save time looking up names, account numbers, and more. Great option for processing payroll. 

Wire Transaction-01

Wire Packages

Send domestic and international wires through your Business Online Banking.


Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Deposit checks from your business location! You can skip the trip to the bank and have quicker access to your money.

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks anytime, anywhere with Xpress Mobile Deposit through your Business Mobile Banking App.


Deluxe Remote Deposit Capture

For added convenience, we have bundled our Business Remote Deposit Capture and Mobile Deposit Capture into one service. 

Card Machine

Merchant Services

We give you the tools to accept credit, debit and gift cards to grow your sales. You'll be confident when accepting paper checks with electronic check verification.


Positive Pay

We match each presented check number and amount against your records to keep your business safe from check fraud.


Account Reconciliation

Automated balancing and reconciliation of payment information saves hours spent tracking checks, letting you move on to do other things.


FedPayments Reporter Service

Get the information your business needs to match payments to invoices or claims.


Line Sweep Manager

Enjoy peace of mind when money is automatically transferred from a line of credit into your business checking account when needed. Excess funds over the predetermined target balance will be used to pay the line of credit.


Zero Balance Account

Eliminate excess balances in separate accounts by transferring funds to or from the primary account to the zero-balance account each night. Multiple zero-balance accounts can be connected to the primary account. 



Have your accounts receivable payments received through the mail redirected to First Bank. We'll process them and send you a daily deposit report, giving you immediate access to posting information.

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First Bank has cared for the financial needs of my family for many years.  The staff always serves us in the most professional way while offering the caring support of a friend.  They have always been there for us. I love my bank!

-Beth B.

The support First Bank Richmond has provided Whitewater Community Television through the years has been invaluable.  Their support financially through underwriting local programs we produce and allowing us to provide video services for them has been helpful.  Even more importantly has been the support of First Bank Richmond employees who have been active board members assisting us in building and growing while making sure we  are staying true to our mission of providing Public, Education and Government (PEG) access television to Wayne County.

-Eric M., Whitewater Valley Community Television

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of reporting can I access within Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)?

You have access to all deposits and can narrow the search to a particular day, individual check or amount. You set it up using your personal preference.

After scanning a check with RDC, how long does it take to appear in my account?

SAME DAY, as long as the deposit is in before 3:00 PM EST. Deposits made after 3:00 PM will appear the next business day. 

Can I deposit into multiple accounts with RDC?

Yes! Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) can be customized to select your preferred deposit account.

Can I pay my loan through Business Online Banking?

Yes, you can transfer money from an account to make a payment to your loan. You will also be able to see the current rate, last payment date and amount, next payment due, interest paid year-to-date and more!