Board of Directors and Officers

Board of Directors 
Garry D. Kleer Chairman
E. Michael Blum  
Kathryn Cruz-Uribe
Harold T. Hanley III   
Jeffrey A. Jackson  
Lindley S. Mann  
W. Ray Stevens, III  
M. Lynn Wetzel  
Thomas Holthouse  Director Emeritus
Garry D. Kleer President/CEO
Donald A. Benziger Executive Vice President/CFO
Beth A. Brittenham Sr. Vice President/HR Director/Corporate Secretary
Albert E. Fullerton, Jr. Sr. Vice President/Chief Information Officer/Information Security Officer
Cathy J. Hays Sr. Vice President/Chief Audit Executive/Training Director
Alan M. Spears Sr. Vice President/Trust Officer
Pamela S. Stoops Sr. Vice President/Retail Lending Manager
Robin S. Weinert Sr. Vice President/Operations and Retail Banking
Paul J. Witte Sr. Vice President/Commercial Lending Manager
Laurie K. Carr Vice President/Private Client Services/Cash Management Specialist
Julie C. Duke Vice President/Operations-Security Officer
Scott A. George Vice President/Chief Technology Officer
William H. Glunt Vice President/Commercial Lending
Kristi S. Herig Vice President/Leasing Manager
Lynette K. Lafuse Vice President/Compliance Officer
Amy J. Larrison Vice President/Regional Branch Sales Manager
Craig A. Lichtenberger Vice President/Commercial Lending
Melissa A. Matney Vice President/Commercial Lending
Kimberly L. Poinsett Vice President/Community Relations Officer
Debra S. Prather Vice President/Cambridge City Branch Manager
Niles E. Richards Vice President/Loan Review
Susan B. Richwine Vice President/Marketing Director
Austin M. Schultz Vice President/Commercial Lending
Alex M. Schwanitz Vice President/Credit Administration
Randall L. Smith Vice President/Commercial Lending-Special Assets
Charles J. Tabeling Vice President/Banking Center-Motor Branch Manager/Physical Security Manager
Kimberly R. Baughman Asst. Vice President/Leasing
Stephanie G. Bell Asst. Vice President/Retail Lending
Courtney L. Evans Asst. Vice President/Regional Branch Administration
Bradley M. Glover Asst. Vice President/Sr. Accounting Officer
Ryan T. Lathery Asst. Vice President/Retail Lending
Timothy G. Oler Asst. Vice President/Leasing
Angela R. Doty Westside & Centerville Branch Manager/Officer
Mariann George Accounting Officer
Teresa D. Jansing Eastside Branch Manager/Cash Management Specialist/Officer
Charity E. Mohr Shelbyville Branch Manager/Officer
Leslie A. Werking Northside Branch Manager/Officer
Stephanie A. Wright BSA Officer