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We're Going To Disney!

Written by: Courtney Evans |

Save big by rounding up!


We all come across articles with great tips on how to save money.  It seems we read or hear about a never-ending list “quick and easy” ways to save an extra dollar here and there.  Let’s be honest.  With a “threenager” running around the house, most of these plans just aren’t feasible for me, if I don’t want to lose my mind in the process. So, I decided I was going to find my own way to save the money for our Disney vacation without having to sacrifice my family time and sanity.

I created my own personal, super simple 30-day savings challenge.  Every time I bought something, I rounded my purchase up to an even dollar amount and put the “change” into an account dedicated to our vacation.   I know what you’re thinking.  Can I actually save enough to make it worth my while?  But my change started to add up!

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My Process

 1.  Every transaction I wrote in my register that took money out of my account, whether it was a withdrawal,  debit card purchase,  automatic bill payment, etc. was rounded up to the nearest dollar.

2.  For the transactions that were already an even dollar amount I would round up an additional dollar.

3.  I recorded each transaction as two separate line items in my check register – one for  the actual amount of the transaction and one for the additional amount you are rounding up to save.  It took a little extra time when balancing my checkbook.  In the end, the extra few minutes were worth it, because my bank statements then showed two separate transactions as well.

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My Results

During my thirty day challenge of rounding up every single transaction that came out of my checking account, I saved a total of $68.76.  Think about it – that’s $825.12 over a year!

Who knew that by incorporating this simple habit into my daily life, I could save hundreds of dollars a year without giving up any more of my time and treasures?

Disney World, here we come!


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