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Easy Peasy Ice Cream Sandwich

Written by: Sara Coulter |

Super easy DIY ice cream sandwiches!

Pair the creamy goodness of your favorite ice cream flavor with an all-American staple, the chocolate chip cookie, and what does that spell?  Y-U-M-M-O!

We tried out this life hack for Sunday dinner, and we think it’s a winner.


Cookies and ice cream

Step 1:  Gather your stuff. You’ll need a pint of ice cream (frozen hard), 10-12 cookies (store-bought or homemade) and a large serrated knife.

Knife slicing ice cream container

Step 2:  With the ice cream lid on (this stabilizes the container while you cut), slice the ice-cream into ½” thick slices.  (You’ll want to complete this step quickly before the ice cream starts to soften.)

One completed slice of ice cream container

Step 3:  Peel off the container, and place the ice cream slice on the flat side of a cookie.  Top with the second cookie.

Step 4:  Enjoy!

These treats are BIG, but they are easily sliced in half.  We thought they would be great for a party, because you can make them ahead of time and store them in the freezer.  Or put each one in a zip-lock bag for a very special, summer afternoon surprise for the kids!

Let us know how you like them!!

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