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Score Tickets To Your Dream Concert

Written by: Sara Coulter |

Don't miss your opportunity!  Find out how you can get closer to the front of the line.

So your favorite band is coming to town, and you’re already worried about landing tickets.  It is true that we are all at a disadvantage, since the artists themselves hold out a big chunk of tickets to their shows for their friends, influencers, etc.  But there are some things that you can do to prepare for sale day, and to get yourself closer to the front of the “line”.

You’re more than likely going to start with Ticketmaster, the granddaddy of all ticket sellers.  They offer some good advice to make the process of buying tickets go more smoothly.

Before the on-sale date

1.  Open a Tickemaster account now. Enter all of your information, and sign up for favorites to get alerts about pre-sale and regular on-sale dates.  And don’t forget to keep this account information up-to-date.  Ticketmaster also has an app which has benefits as well.

2.  Watch for presales.  Some fan clubs and credit cards offer limited pre-sales and special offers.  So if you own a specific type of credit card, you may have access to tickets before the general public.

You’ll need a presale code for your type of credit card.  Those codes are as follows:

American Express   8005253355

Citi Card                    542418

Chase                         414720

Check frequently, because credit card presales come and go. And be warned that if you access tickets for one of these cards, you’ll be expected to pay with that card.

On-Sale Day

3.  Consider using the app. Ticketmaster allocates tickets for mobile purchase.  If you’re using an iPhone, you don’t have to enter a security code confirming that you’re not a robot, which cuts down on a step.

4.  Use a private network.  If you prefer to use a desktop, don’t plan to search for tickets at the local Starbucks. Do it at home or on another private network.  Shared public Wi-Fi networks can slow you down.

5.  What is your budget?  Determine beforehand how much you can spend, and be ready to split up. The fewer tickets you search for, the better your odds of scoring them.

6.  Log in early.  Sign in before the open time on the on-sale day, and have your credit card ready.

7.  Try different browsers.  Once you have tickets in your cart, try different browsers. This will help you determine if you really have the best seats in your cart, and to look for additional tickets.  So, for example, you hold the first two in your cart, then search for another 2 using another browser.  Just make sure to watch the time on your cart.  You only have 2-3 minutes to make up your mind before the tickets disappear.

If the show sells out before you get your tickets, don’t give up…

Keep an eye on the site. Performers often add shows on the spot.

Sometimes additional tickets are released from one week to as little as a few hours before the show.

Try other tickets sellers, like Stubhub, Seatgeek or Vividseats. You’ll pay more, but it may be worth it to you for the experience.

Enjoy the show!



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