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Rocks - the Current Crafting Craze!

Written by: Sara Coulter |

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you may be familiar with the latest DIY craze – painting rocks.  Who knew?!


Before we look at some examples, there are a few things you need to know.

pile of plain rocks

Do I need special rocks?

Any old rock will do!  However, if you plan to paint or draw on your rocks, it’s a lot easier if the surface is smooth.  Also, if you’re not going to paint a colored base coat on your rocks, look for rocks that naturally come in different colors.  From black to white and every shade of gray in between, you can find quite a variety if you just look.

Where do I find rocks?

The nice thing about a rock project is that you can find them anywhere.  If you’re looking for smooth stones for painting, try areas with water – a beach, river bed, creek bed.  And, of course, there’s always the big-box garden centers where they are sold in bags!  (Heads up – If you’re in a state or national park, make sure you check out their policies for taking rocks home with you.)

How do I prepare my rocks?

All they need is a good rinse, then let them air dry completely.

Do I need to spend a lot of money on materials?

No!  You may even have everything you need at home. Here’s a basic list:

  • Acrylic craft paint (about $1 per color)
  • Paint brushes (make sure you clean your brushes with water before they dry, because acrylic dries hard!)
  • Paint pens or markers (the permanent kind is better)
  • Acrylic varnish (spray or liquid) – Apply a couple coats on your finished rocks if you want them to be shiny or if you plan to keep them outside.

Now that you have everything you need, let’s take a look at some super fun projects with rocks!



pot of cactii made from painted rocks Photo:



Rock Cactus “Bouquets”

When I first saw this idea, I couldn’t wait to make my own.  You see, I have a black thumb.   As much as I love plants and have tried numerous times to love and care for them, they don’t seem to like me.  I know that I could manage a rock cactus garden!  And wouldn’t these make great Mother’s Day or get well gifts?  Maybe a housewarming or office anniversary gift?


rocks painted with inspirational messages Photo:



Rock Messages

Wouldn’t it be great to have a whole bowl of rocks with positive messages on them that you could just grab when the perfect opportunity came up?  Or how about giving your friends a personalized good-luck charm from you?  You might know someone who needs encouragement, and there is something soothing about holding a smooth rock in your hand.


garden markers made from painted rocks, e.g. thyme, Photo:



Garden Markers

These are so much CUTER than a sign on a stick!  And they won’t blow over in the wind and rain.  You can even make small versions for your herb pot.  (Speaking of rain, since acrylic paint is water-based, you’ll need to add at least 2 coats of varnish to your finished rocks to make sure that artwork lasts!)


Magnets made from painted rocks Photo:



Rock Magnets

Glue a small magnet to the back of a decorated rock, and you have instant frig décor!  Add kids’ names to each rock to hold their individual artwork.  And don’t forget to make a set for Grandma and Grandpa!


tic tac toe game made with painted rocks Photo:




dominos made from painted rocks Photo:



Rocks make great game pieces.  Here you see examples of dominos and tic-tac-toe.  Add a small bag and some sidewalk chalk, and send the kids out to play.  Nothing to lose, nothing to break.

So take a drive...take a walk...get some fresh air...collect some rocks...

...then come home and paint them!


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