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Protect Your Fingers With These Simple Life Hacks

Written by: Sara Coulter |

Protect your digits with these simple tips.

 LIFEHACK:  Hammering nails into the wall can be both fiddly and painful!  Avoid both by holding your nail with a spring-back clothespin.

birthday cake with candles - lifehack for lighting candles

LIFEHACK:  How many matches do you go through to light the candles on a birthday cake?  How many times have you burned yourself trying to light a candle in a jar?  The solution – a piece of spaghetti! Simply light the end of the spaghetti and use like a match.


can opener - lifehack for opening blister packs

LIFEHACK:  How many times have you waged war on a blister pack?   Use a can opener, and you’ll never lose to the plastic again!

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