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Make "Cents" Of Your Spare Change

Written by: Andrea Haskett |

Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.  They add up.  See how you can put spare change to good use.

Would you leave hundreds of dollar sitting around? Highly unlikely. But what if I told you that your change jar is probably worth more than you think!

Go grab your piggy, clean out the couch cushions, and check under your car seats because we're about to give you ideas that will have you looking at a penny like it's the difference between a trip to Paris, France and Paris, Indiana.


1. Save It

First Bank Richmond has a coin counting machine in-house. Toss all of your spare change in container you can safely transport and head on down to our Main Office location. When you deposit your change into a First Bank Richmond account, there are no fees. (Click here for information on personal checking and savings accounts.)

2. Fix Something

Is there a home or car repair that you've been putting off? Grab your change jar! You may have saved enough to replace that leaky faucet and not even known.

3. Pay It Forward

Donate your change to a worthy cause. When an organization relies on donations to keep running, spare change means a lot to them. No donation is ever too small when it comes to non-profits and fundraisers!

4. Upcycle

Feeling creative? If you are not concerned about your change's face-value, you could turn them into a cool mosaic or a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!

5. Treat Yourself

Cash in your change jar and treat yourself to that fancy gadget you want, but weren't able to squeeze out of your budget.

6. Set A Goal

If you know that the change in your jar is what stands between you and a gondola ride in Italy, you are probably less likely to sneak out quarters for the vending machine! You can also cash in your change to supplement your budget for holiday gifts.

7. Teach

Budgeting is a valuable tool to have in life. Use your change to pay allowances or teach children how to manage their "personal finances".

8. Spend It

Use your change to make purchases or pay small fees. Change is great to have for toll fees, just remember not to leave valuables in plain sight.

9. Pay Down Debt

Use your change to make an extra payment towards your car, credit card, or mortgage. A little extra here and there goes a long way towards paying off debt.

10. Look For Collectible Coins

Keep an eye out for rare coins, some of them are worth much more than their face value!


What do you do with your spare change?

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