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Hack Your Mornings - Part 2

Written by: Sara Coulter |

We're back with more ways to get your morning started on the right foot.

Whether your students are headed back to school after a long summer or a quick holiday, it’s always a struggle to get back into a routine.  Here are a few more ideas to help "hack your mornings" and get you and the kids on track.

woman writing "I love you" with a heart on a mirror in red pen


Use a mirror as a white board.  Did you know that you can use white board markers on a mirror?  Oh, the possibilities!  “Don’t forget your lunch!” “Grandpa is picking you up after school!” Or simply, “Have a great day!”

Reminder bracelets.  For those forgetful young’uns, write a note on a strip of colored paper and attach it around their wrists for a reminder that will stay with them all day.

bento lunch boxes filled with food and a note that says "Have a good day"

Fuel Up!

We need to remember that our kids have crazy busy days too, and it’s critical for them to fuel their bodies to be able to perform in school.  That means eating both breakfast and lunch, which can be a struggle for Mom and Dad.

Breakfast.  Give the kids two choices.  By giving them a choice, they’re less likely to choose “No!”  Prepare a week’s worth of breakfast sandwiches on the weekend.  Bake eggs in muffin tins, and then assemble the sandwiches all at once.  Wrap them in foil and stash them in the freezer, then reheat in the microwave (don’t forget to remove the foil!).

Or make an extra big batch of pancake batter, divide it up into Ziploc bags and store in the freezer.  When you’re ready to use it, snip a corner of the bag and squeeze into a hot pan.  In a hurry?  Spread the warm pancake with peanut butter, roll it up, and you have breakfast-on-the-run!

Lunch.  Picky eaters?  Make customizing lunches super easy by using a bento box.  A Japanese invention, fill up the separate compartments according to each child’s preference.  I bought mine at Ikea for $5.99, but you can find them pretty much everywhere (including Target, TJ Maxx and  Or use a small plastic food container (like Tupperware or Glad), and make your own compartments with silicon cupcake liners!

And finally, whatever container you use, don’t forget little notes from you.  Studies show that kids are more likely to eat their lunch this way!

woman handing backpack on hook

After School

And here's something a little extra, because we know that coming home after a long day can be just as stressful as mornings!

Research for projects.  When researching for school projects, instead of using, use to narrow the search even more.

After-school activities.  Raise your hand if you love frantically searching the house at the last minute looking for soccer shoes, swim goggles, ballet clothes…  Seriously, I feel ya…

To avoid the chaos, repack all practice gear as soon as it’s washed.  Hang it on a hook by the door, and you’re ready to go when you need to.

Dish Rack Homework Center.  Time for homework? Pull out everything easily with this dish rack homework center.  Folders, papers and notebooks stand up in the section for dinner plates, and pencils, markers, scissors, etc. stay organized in the silverware cup.

With a little planning, going back to school doesn't have to be stressful for anyone.  Make this year a great one!

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